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Avondale Estate Winery  

Avondale Estate Winery - Paarl, South Africa

Here at Avondale the soil keeps us busy with producing world-class premium wines and growing organic vines to eventually produce organic wines.

Over 300 years ago, the original “Geelblomsvallei” (Valley of the Yellow Flowers) farm was established here on the slopes of the Klein Drakenstein Mountains outside Paarl. Early records indicate that the farm was one of the first in the Paarl Valley to be allocated specifically for the production of wine grapes.

The Grieve family, led by John and Ginny Grieve, bought the farm in 1997 and renamed it Avondale - after their former manor house in Durbanville. Since then the family’s Avondale Trust steered the farm and business into the modern era with new plantings, a new state-of –the-art, gravity-flow cellar and a desire to make the best wine in the Cape.

This new cellar was inaugurated prior to the 2003 harvest. It has capacity for over 500 tons, but the current production is still only half of that.

Avondale comprises 285 hectares of which about 100 are planted with grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec, Mourvèdre, Semillon, Viognier, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Muscat de Frontignan.

Bio-Logic For the last six years, co-owner Johnathan Grieve has farmed without the use of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. He uses Bio-LOGIC farming principles to revitalize the soil. Avondale is cultivated in such a way that its soil is returned to the pre-agricultural state. All the natural fungi, microbes and organisms are returned to the soil. As a balanced living, organic system, the soil maintains and balances itself. It is indeed a living system! Ducks eats snails, bacteria consume downy mildew, ladybird and wasps kill mealy bugs, and nitrogen-rich cover crops are used to bind free nitrogen from the air into the soil.

Avondale Chenin Blanc 2008 (USA & Canada)

  • Grape & Vine Details
  • Vintage: 2008
  • Origion: Paarl, South Africa
  • Winemaker: Corné Marais
  • Viticulturist: Johnathan Grieve
  • Vineyards: 14 year old vines
  • Yield: 8 tons/hectare
  • Winemaking

  • The grapes were picked between 22° and 24°B into press as whole bunches, and left to settle in tank overnight. The wine was fermented with wild yeast at between 15 and 18° for ageing. A small portion was fermented in old oak barrels (500 liter) and the wines were kept in barrel on the lees. Both the tank and barrel portions were kept on the lees for six months and stirred frequently. The barrel portion was blended back.

    Ageing Made to be enjoyed in the year of vintage, but tend to age beyond three years in perfect conditions. Corné Says I taste pure fruit of lime, grapefruit, pineapple, quince, with just a dash of honey on the nose. The palate is dense with ripe flavours and juicy with tangy peach and brie flavours, delivered with good intensity and freshness. These mouthwatering flavours linger quite long on the palate: s true Avondale Chenin.

  • ALC - 13 % vol
  • R/Sugar - 3.2 g/l
  • TA - 6.01 g/l
  • pH - 3.27

  • VINTAGE: 2006
  • GRAPE VARIETY: Pinotage
  • ORIGIN: Paarl, South Africa
  • WINEMAKER: Bertus Albertyn
  • VITICULTURIST: Johnathan Grieve
  • 8 year old vines
  • Yield of 8 tons per hectare

  • WINEMAKING: The grapes were picked at 24°B from 8 year old vines on Kroonstad and Koffieklip soil at an average yield of 8 tons per hectare. The grapes were crushed and de-stemmed followed by fermentation on the skins .Cold soaked for 3 days and then it took another seven days for the fermentation to finish. It was pressed and a percentage did malolactic fermentation in wood.

    AGEING: Made to be enjoyed immediately, but will easily keep for another 3 years.

    BERTUS SAYS: Beautiful fruit flavours dominate the nose of this wine, with just a touch of wood to add to the complexity of the bouquet. The fruit burst through on the pallet and lingers nicely to complement the medium / full body of the wine. Before you know your glass will be empty , leaving you wanting more.(Look for raspberry , strawberry , red cherry , plum . )

    Avondale Sauvignon Blanc 2007

  • VINTAGE: 2007
  • GRAPE VARIETY: Sauvignon Blanc
  • ORIGIN: Coastal Region, South Africa
  • WINEMAKER: Bertus Albertyn
  • VITICULTURIST: Johnathan Grieve
  • 8 year old vines
  • Yield of 8 tons per hectare

    WINEMAKING: The grapes were harvested from south-facing vineyards in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch and from Faure vineyards overlooking False Bay. The grapes were picked between 21°B and 24°B and pressed at these different degrees of ripeness. The grapes were pressed as whole bunches and more than half of the must were fermented naturally with wild yeast at an average temperature of 16 °C. The wine was kept on the lees for 5 months with regular stirring of the lees.

    AGEING: Made to be enjoyed in the year of vintage, but with undertones of grass and asparagus the wine may surprise one three years down the line.

    BERTUS SAYS: Why make a New Zealand style wine if you are in South Africa, and the traditional sauvignon blanc style favours tropical fruit tones.



  • VINTAGE: 2003
  • ORIGIN: Paarl, South Africa
  • WINEMAKER: Bertus Albertyn
  • VITICULTURIST: Johnathan Grieve

  • VINEYARDS: 14 year old trellised vines on a north facing slope. Well-drained granite soils.

    WINEMAKING: Grapes were hand picked at 25ºB and then fermented at 28ºC for eight days, followed by an average of 14 days’ extended skin contact. Malolactic fermentation was conducted in stainless steel tanks. The wine was barrel matured for 13 months, 65% of it in first fill French oak and a 35% portion in second fill French oak.

    AGEING: Enjoy now or keep for another ten years.

    BERTUS SAYS: Well-balanced and structured wine with beautiful Cabernet fruit, which carries through to the palate. A Cabernet made for Cab lovers.

    ACCOLADES: Platter 4 Star

    NAME: Ten pairs of breeding owls live on our wine farm. They live in owl houses made from disused French wine oak barrels. We encourage our Cape Eagle and Barn owls to stay, as when birdlife returns to Avondale, the natural cycle of life is successfully being restored.
  • ANALYSIS ALC - 14.5 % vol.
  • R/Sugar - 3.36 g/l
  • TA - 6.19g/l
  • pH - 3.43

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